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Q) Will Scarlet be running the workshop?

A) Scarlet's role in the company is programme design and quality assurance so she will not run your programme unless specifically requested (additional charges apply). ScarletWorkshops is all about helping people reach their full potential, this also applies to Scarlet, she wants to be the best role model she can and this means fulfilling her own life goals and ambitions, as most of these lie within performing, she is often travelling the world and unable to attend sessions. All team members have been personally trained by Scarlet and are fantastic specialists in their own right, we will match up the most appropriate trainer to your needs.

Q) How much do workshops cost?

A) One size doesn't fit all so one price doesn't either. A 2-hour workshop with no alterations will naturally cost less than a 2-day bespoke workshop for 6-hours a day. This is why we advise a complimentary consultation, where we can find out your budget and deliver your requests for the price you need.

Q) What workshops do you run?

 See services

Q) How long are your workshops?

A) How long do you want it to be? How long does it need to be to really cement the learning? We don't believe in 'one size fits all' so our workshops can be tailor-made to suit your budget and service users specific needs. Previous workshops have included:

  • 2-hour drama class
  • 4-month workshop meeting once a week for 2-3 hours
  • Ongoing workshops meeting every week for 1 hour

We don't expect you to know what's best, so we advise a complimentary consultation, here we will fact find and work together to come up with what's best for your service users.

Q) How do I book a workshop?

See bookings

Q) Do you run adult classes?

A) Yes we do, see Adult Workshops

Q) I'm a parent /young person, do you only work with companies?

A) For the moment yes. So please check our event page and see what sessions you can get involved with, or contact us to discuss.

Q) Do you run 1-2-1 sessions?

A) Yes but they must be booked back to back with a minimum of 3 hour booking (3 clients).