Self Empowerment Stage School

Self- Empowerment Stage School

Our services help young people to design their own future by empowering them to make smarter life choices. Our sessions help them build their resilience, confidence, life skills, soft skills, communication skills and so much more. We teach the level of a drama school with the nurtuning of a parent.  

A message from our Founder - West End star and Life Coach Scarlet Gabriel

"My background was rough, we were poorer than poor; domestic violence, bullying, suicidal thoughts, a boyfriend in prison and an alumnus of murderers all before age 16. The social issues in poorer areas are real, they destroy lives, we need to work together to fix this. It's my mission to help young people and other families avoid such destruction.

I was a statistic. I single handedly turned my life around through hard work and sheer determination - My kids will NOT go through that I did. I believe in prevention rather than cure and aim to undo the generational damaging life cycles before they begin.

Now I'm older I realise it's not just poorer people with issues and unhealthy perspectives. More privileged adults are now suffering with low self esteem, anxiety, depression, drug abuse, to numb the pain of a past they didn't have, the love they didn't receive the self worth they didn't develop.

Now more than ever we need to start retraining the minds of our young peopleso they can flourish as confident, self sufficient, resiliant and HAPPY adults. Its hard work but someone's gotta do it ;P Love Scarlet xx

If you're interested in what we do and would like to work with us in any capacity get in touch. 

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